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Shadow | Mentor

Build your Skill Set and Confidence

Our Shadow | Mentorship program is built with you in mind. Whether you are looking for 1 on 1 time or to come in a few times a month we have you covered.

Our Shadowship Program Includes:

Give you insight into the profession. Shadowing an experienced injector can give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a cosmetic injector in a leading aesthetics practice. You will be able to observe the workplace culture and the inner workings of a medical aesthetics clinic.

Learn tips and techniques to deliver a high standard of care while maintaining patient satisfaction. One of the highlights of being in a shadow program is observing the ways the client and cosmetic injector interact. The experience will give you insight into the following:

  • The most common aging concerns

  • How to establish rapport and earn a client’s trust and confidence

  • How to professionally handle different types of patients

  • How to develop a personalized cosmetic treatment plan for each patient

  • How to manage patient expectations and educate about the limitations of specific treatments

Our Mentorship Program  Includes:

Whether you need to learn basics, improve your skill-set, or finely tune your advanced practice; mentoring is the best way for you to gain hands-on practical experience in aesthetic injectables. Under expert supervision, you will rapidly polish your fine motor abilities, and client consultation skills, and build confidence in a live clinic environment.


  • Our mentorship program includes a combination of 1:1 learning and shadowing sessions.

  • Program sessions are four hours long and pricing includes up to four monthly sessions.

  • We typically recommend mentees stay in our program for a three-month duration to ensure well-rounded knowledge is obtained.

We also are offering Office Set up with software set up, forms, organization, in addition to the programs. 

Please fill out the the form on the side for more information and pricing. please include your licensing information and what you are looking for specifically! Any questions please email our Director of Operations,


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